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Film Review Krrish 3

                                          Superman Meets X Men

Film: Krrish 3
Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut
Directed by: Rakesh Roshan
Duration: 2 hrs 32 mins
Rating: * *

The problem once a franchise is established is that the makers just have to package a film together, with lots of publicity and all that jazz. Krrish already has a fan base in place and they are more than likely to return to watch the new installment. 

Krrish 3 directed by Rakesh Roshan looks like a mish mash of popular Hollywood superhero films – Spiderman, Superman and even X Men they are all blatantly ripped off in this two and half hour saga that mainly caters to kids and juveniles. Why else would you show something, then tell about it and then explain it, just in case you missed it the first and second time around.  Five writers have been credited and don’t be surprised if each of them was given a Hollywood franchise ‘adapt’

The first half of the film also has more product ads in terms of placements than you would see during an extra long break on television. Cars, pens, milk supplements, television – all brands are promoted here, in your face.

Meet the father and son duo of Rohit and Krishna (Hrithik in a double role), the former is a scientist working in a lab, the latter is a security guard by day and becomes Krrish when need be. Which is quite often, like when gunmen break into a jewelry store or, when he single handedly helps an aeroplane to land, just the way Superman did.

The villain though is straight from X Men, Kaal (Viveik Oberoi) has the traits of both Professor and Magneto, he is bound to a wheel chair but in the finale we also see his Magneto skills. He also has an army of mutants called maanwars, the most trusted one being Kaya (Kangana Ranaut) clad in latex suit. She can transform her self just like Mystique, so much for originality.

When the villain wants to destroy the city, Krrish saves the day reminding you of The Amazing Spiderman and that makes our villain very angry. Priyanka Chopra plays Mrs. Krrish and since they are expecting their first child, she promptly gets abducted by the wheel chair guy.  

While there is an effort made to raise the bar in Bollywood films as far as the special effects and the action is concerned, it still looks pretty antiquated. But the biggest whammy is in the form of the story and dialogues are strictly of the 80’s type. 

Rajesh Roshan’s music has forgettable tunes and only in a Hindi film will you see a mutant singing a song, that too in a dream sequence. Spare us that, please.

As for the cast, Hrithik Roshan delivers a rock solid performance both as the father and son and he is clearly the mainstay of the film. Kangana in the cat suit is sincere but it is her character that is a let down.This is a film that kids might enjoy. As for adults, if you can handle mediocrity easily only then it might be your cup of tea. Or Bournvita, in case of Krrish. 

(Published in The Navhind Times on 3rd Nov. 2013)

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