Sunday, 15 December 2013

Film Review -Jackpot

From Boom To Bust

Film: Jackpot
Cast: Nasseruddin Shah, Sunny Leone, Sachiin Joshi
Directed by: Kaizad Gustad
Duration: 1 hr 32 mins
Rating: * 1 / 2

Jackpot directed by Kaizad Gustad is one of those films that try to be very clever and takes itself so seriously that at no stage does it realize it has become a parody. Even at 92 minutes including a couple of songs, it appears to be way too long.  

To be fair, the basic plot had some potential but even to spot that, you have to really stretch your imagination. Set in Goa, Nasseruddin Shah plays a casino owner with dreadful dreadlocks. He is simple known as boss. Not sure what exactly Sunny Leone’s character is designated as- she is his secretary, casino manager, woman Friday all rolled in one. 

A self proclaimed con artist Francis (Sachiin Joshi) teams up with them and hatches a rather contrived plot to buy a big chunk of land which also involves another complicated conspiracy. 
Using a non linear structure, Gustad attempts a film that makes it to the so bad-that-its good category. Wonder what prompted Nasseruddin Shah to take up this role but he shines whenever he is on the screen, as he usually does and Sunny Leone is there to fulfill the glamour quotient which she does quite well.

The odds of coming out of the theater tearing your hair are considerably high with this Jackpot. 

Published in the Navhind Times on 15th Dec 2013

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