Saturday, 5 April 2014

Film Review - Captain America:The Winter Soldier

Saving the World, Again

Film: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Cast: Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson
Directed by: Joe and Anthony Russo
Duration: 2 hrs 16 mins
Rating: * * * 1 / 2

The first avenger is back after his outing in 2011 followed by his teaming up with the Avengers. With The Winter Soldier he is going solo again to save the world, with some precious help from the Black widow.   

Superhero films need a balance of good action and a decent story to back it up. The cast and the characters make up for the rest of the bits to complete an enjoyable film and it is good to see that Captain America: The Winter Soldier ticks most of the boxes. 

Unlike say an Iron Man, the character of Captain America, the shield bearing superhero doesn’t have the same zing, hence this story is less about him personally and more about him saving the day from the bad guys. Rogers (Chris Evans) aka Captain discovers that there is a deep rooted conspiracy in SHIELD, the organization he works for which is led by Pierce (Robert Redford). His immediate boss (Samuel Jackson) also becomes a target and then it is up to our hero, along with the lady (Scarlett Johansson) who can kick some ass to find out who the evil guys are and vanquish them. 

The story doesn’t exactly break new ground; the idea of a reasonably sane looking guy wanting a fresh start to the planet has been explored several times before. It is the frantic pace of the film which keeps makes it engrossing and by the standards set by most superhero films, this is at par with some of the better ones.

As for the action, some of the car chases are very well executed but some of it like jumping into a helicopter from the 41st floor is a bit far-fetched, even by Hollywood standards.

For those who were looking forward to this avenger, there is plenty to cheer about and if you are going to watch the film, make sure you wait till the absolute last credit has rolled. 

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