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Film Review - Tommorowland

Brave New World 

Film: Tomorrowland
Cast: George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Hugh Laurie
Directed by: Brad Bird
Duration:  2 hr 10 mins
Rating:  *  *  *  *
Director Brad Bird has a rather interesting profile – he directed The Incredibles and wrote Ratatouille, two of the most memorable contemporary animation films, and he made his live action debut with Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol. Now he has ventured into science fiction with Tomorrowland, produced by a studio not known for such films, Disney. In fact, this is a family science fiction film, if such a category exists.

With an original story co-written by Bird, the film has an interesting and refreshing take. We see Frank Walker (George Clooney) tell his story “When I was a kid, the future was different he says.” We then see him displaying his invention at a New York World Fair, which looks like a Disney fair actually. When he is not taken seriously, mysterious girl comes and helps him and gives him a pin badge.

Several years later, Casey (Britt Robertson) the daughter of a NASA engineer receives a similar badge when one of her adventures goes wrong. When she touches it, she is transported to a futuristic world. As the audience, you are also engrossed and wonder where all this is heading.

In a quick montage we are also told about her curiosity in class to question and look for solutions about all the problems plaguing the earth, right from terrorism to environmental issues.  The mysterious girl re-appears, she is the same as she was decades ago and tries to Casey who lands up at Franks doorsteps. The evil robots are closing in, Casey has no idea what is happening and questions everything to which Frank retorts “Do I have to explain everything to you? Can’t you just be amazed?”

There is action, adventure, science fiction and some serious themes about man kind’s survival.  An interesting and a very optimistic point is made amidst all the gloom and doom as see and hear of in real life. Brad Bird may not have an answer but he does have an idea which is the premise of the film.

The film works on two levels, even if kids and teenagers don’t understand the science fiction and other themes, there is enough razzle-dazzle to engage them. Go ahead, and be amazed.

Published in The Navhind Times on 24th May 2015

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