Sunday, 5 January 2014

Film Review - Wolf of Wall Street


Money For Nothing 

Film: The Wolf of Wall Street
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill
Directed by: Martin Scorsese
Duration: 2 hrs 54 mins
Rating: *  *  *  *

Based on a book by Jordan Belfort (inspired by his own true story) The Wolf of Wall Street, to begin with, proves that director Martin Scorsese is on the top of his game. A film of this caliber had to be made by someone special and Scorsese has delivered the knockout punch.

It also has a superb screenplay by television writer Terence Winter and even though the film clocks three hours (six minutes have been chopped off by the censors), they are the breeziest three hours you’ve encountered at the cinemas in a while. This is one helluva trip.  

Jordan (Leonardo DiCaprio) was just an ordinary guy till he got a break on Wall street as a dealer. Soon he branched off and started on his own and with a motley crue, it didn’t take him long to climb the ladder. Their modus operandi was simple – sell penny stocks to unsuspecting clients and make money. Soon he had so much that didn’t know what to do with it.

Apart from the love of money, there were other serious vices as well – drugs and women. In the form of tablets or powder Jordan was addicted to it and he also left his first wife and married a pretty woman (Margot Robbie). The chickens had to come to roost and greed may be good, but not for long as finally, the long arm of the law catches up with him.

Reflecting the high that Jordan has all the time, the pace of the film is relentless and every scene exudes so much energy. Scorsese has also laced it with humor which is not necessarily meant to be funny-you may let out a chuckle but the irony of the situation at times goes beyond the obvious humor. And that’s where Scorsese might also be trying to make a point about the perils of a fast life. He also doesn’t pass any judgment on the characters - it is all there for the audience to see.  

We don’t really know how much of Jordan’s claims are true and about the accuracy of what has been depicted. But that aside, what we do know is that Scorsese has made a film that will stay with you for a long time and you wouldn’t mind watching it again to admire his art.

Margot Robbie (who was also noticed in About Time recently) as the trophy wife not only looks pretty but acts with confidence. Jonah Hill as Jordan’s partner is aptly cast and the other supporting actors like Jean Dujardin and Matthew McConaughey make their presence felt. The film is also a triumph for Leonardo DiCaprio who has given an outstanding performance. Surely he is in the race for the Oscars with this film, not that it matters a lot.

The Wolf of Wall Street is one of the best films in recent times, don’t miss it.  

Published in The Navhind Times on 5th Jan 2014


  1. Only six minutes cut? Not bad, I'd have thought they would've cut more...! Steamy scenes throughout the movie...
    Meanwhile, why only 4 stars when you've given it such a glowing review? Deserves a 5, no?
    PS: Have you ever given a movie 5 stars? And if yes, which one/s?

  2. Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the delay in responding ! In hindsight, perhaps I would give it 5 stars, it is one of Marty's best films in recent time. Lunchbox, The Artist got 5 stars lately...