Sunday, 2 March 2014

Film Review - Mr.Peabody and Sherman

Back To The Future

Film: Mr.Peabody and Sherman
Voices of: Ty Burrell, Max Charles, Ariel Winter
Directed by: Rob Minkoff
Duration: 1 hr 32 mins
Rating: * * * 1 / 2

Inspired by the animated television series of the 1960’s Mr.Peabody and Sherman is a refreshing fun film for all age groups. Produced by Dreamworks, it is a departure from the usual standard format of animation films about the victory of the underdog. Instead, this one takes you on a joyride.

Sherman (voice of Max Charles) is a little boy adopted by Mr. Peabody (Ty Burrell) who is a dog. But he is no ordinary dog, he has the wisdom of Yoda, the brain of Einstein (who also features in the film) and great physical skills as well. At school, Sherman gets into a tiff with Penny (Ariel Winter) and gets reprimanded for the same. To resolve the issue Mr. Peabody invites her family to his house and to impress Penny, Sherman shows her the WABAC which is basically a time machine. From there the journey begins as they land up in Egypt during the time of King Tutankhamun, they manage to escape that ordeal only to land in Italy during the time of Leonardo Da vinci (Stanley Tucci).

There are other historical events, people in the film including the Trojan War and Marie Antoinette, Sigmund Freud and George Washington also make an appearance in this adventure.

There are a lot of jokes and fun lines and some of them come from the most unexpected quarter at an unexpected time. In one scene, Penny is forced to marry King Tut and when Sherman comes to save her the astrologer says “We can’t cancel the wedding now, we have already booked the catering!”

The quality animation, the colors and little bit of slapstick humor will keep the kids entertained and they might even learn a thing or two about history. Mr.Peabody and Sherman is as good an outing for the family, as it gets.
Published in The Navhind Times on 2nd Mar 2014

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