Sunday, 4 October 2015

Film Review - Singh is Bliing

Not Again !
Film: Singh is Bliing
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Lara Dutta
Directed by: Prabhudeva
Duration: 2 hrs 20 mins
Rating: * *

Having endured Singh is Bliing, I strongly suspected that most Akshay Kumar comedies nowadays have only one line in the script – Akshay Kumar plays a ______ - fill in the blanks with an appropriate character. The rest of the scenes are worked out later. For instance Akki enters a toilet where a little boy is already urinating and AK doesn’t notice him. 

The boy angrily turns around sprays an unpleasant number of drops on him. The crowd loves it - nothing sells like pissing and farting in our country. The scene is improvised further –the director, Prabhudeva in the other urinal and he also gets a chance to micturate.

That’s Singh is Bliing for you, a film that doesn’t have a plot to begin with, so losing it is out of question.

The plot, if one can call it that, is mind numbingly dumb – Sardar Raftar Singh (Akshay) comes from Punjab to Goa to work in a casino. All roads lead to Goa as Sara (Amy Jackson) comes all the way from Romania in search of her mother. He can’t speak English and she can’t speak Hindi so a bumbling interpreter (Lara Dutta) is hired. The only silver lining in this black hole is Kay Kay Menon who plays a megalomaniac villain –“I am too good” he says in style. He actually is.  

The other factor is Prabhudeva’s approach which is not so misogynist since his last outing in Action Jackson. The heroine beats up men of all shapes and sizes to pulp. All that is fine, but where is the story?

To be fair to Akshay Kumar, he puts his best foot forward and pulls off some scenes admirably. But otherwise what can you say of a film that has songs with lyrics like “My heart says chu che chu che che.”  I’d rather hear the neighborhood dogs howl. 

Published in The Navhind Times on 4th Oct. 2015

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