Saturday, 18 April 2015

Film Review -Ek Paheeli Leela


Film: Ek Paheeli Leela
Cast: Sunny Leone, Jay Bhanushali, Mohit Ahlawat
Directed by: Bobby Khan
Duration: 2 hrs 25 mins
Rating: *

If you have seen the trailers, posters or have heard anything about the film then you would expect that the film is either A. a titillating adventure-thriller or B. It is the so-bad-that-it-is-good category. Sadly, it disappoints on both counts. Directed by Bobby Khan, this is just a dull snooze fest – there are no corny dialogues either, which is usually the hallmark of such films.

There is precious little that happens at the beginning of the film – Meera (Sunny Leone) is a London based model who can bring the house down with her presence. She is tricked into flying to India for a photo shoot in Rajasthan. Meanwhile a music composer (Jay Bhanushali) gets these nightmares that he is being whipped by someone and that happened in his previous birth. As the hapless audience, you have endure all that nonsense in this birth though.

In no time, Meera gets married to the local palace owner (Mohit Ahlawat) and gives up her dresses for a salwar kameez. It also turns out that in her previous birth, some 300 years ago, she was Leela and it was her lover who was whipped. 

The screenplay in all likelihood was written on a piece of paper smaller than Sunny Leone’s costume. There is only one memorable line which goes “Glamor industry mein success ka short cut - short skirt”

Sunny Leone tries to be earnest but her performance is cringe worthy – they should hand over the Razzie and a Golden Kela to her right away.

Leela the mystery is a disappointment, on every count. 

Published in The Navhind Times on 12th April 2015

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